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We are excited to assist you in living a happy, healthy and pain free life.  Dr. Tarveen Ahluwalia, DC has practised internationally as a licensed and regulated Chiropractor for over 15 years.

Integrative approach 

We are fully aware that pain relief and lack of performance are the reasons why you seek treatment. Our job is to identify the specific cause of your problem, and address it with the most advanced and effective treatment modalities. We firmly believe that the body has the ability to heal itself. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to work with the foremost spinal and health care professionals. 

Over the years, Dr. Tarveen has had the honour of working with various health care providers such as consultants, general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, sports/massage therapists, psychologists, and personal trainers.

Active Care

Our care programs are based upon an active treatment model, meaning we work with you to get you back to doing the activities that matter most. You’re in the driver seat, controlling your care plan; our job is to be the front seat navigator in that process. So if your goal includes running your first marathon, returning to work or lifting your grandchildren, we are here to support you in that journey.

Evidence informed, new age treatment and technology

Dr. Tarveen has a thirst for knowledge that drives her to continue the educational process. We are constantly striving to expand our treatment horizons so we can give our patients evidence based, clinically effective and advanced treatment methods. Treatment modalities are like tools, depending on your condition and its cause; we will use whichever modality is most effective for you.  

Patient centered approach

Human beings were not created with an instruction manual. Unlike a car technician, who can look at the manual for your car and know exactly how each nut, bolt and part fits into that particular vehicle model, the human body is far more complicated. As premier health care providers, our knowledge and experience allow us to guide you in making better lifestyle choices so your body can function at its optimal potential, disease and pain free. 

Are you ready to take that next step in living at your full potential? If so contact us today!


Are you ready to take that next step in living at your full potential?
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